Alliance Commercial Parts Warranty


    Please verify that any Part Numbers provided correspond to your Model and Serial Number before submitting this form.

    Warranty requests for invalid part/model/serial combinations will not be fulfilled. Repeated attempts may result in the manufacturer voiding your warranty.

    If you are unsure of a part matching your model and serial number, please call our Parts Center and have someone assist you in verifying the correct parts for your machine.

  • Click "Enter" after entering data for each machine.

    You can submit multiple items per form.

  • Upload photos of each part.

    If there is a label or plate (such as with motors), include that.

  • Refund / Replacement

    Warranty claims are normally submitted for a replacement item.

    You may request a refund instead.

    Note: A refund requires a valid purchase invoice for the warranty item from us within the last 12 months.

  • Alliance Registration

    If your equipment has not been previously registered with Alliance, we will register it for you, but we will require the purchase date of your machine.

  • Note: Warranty claims do not include shipping costs. Warranty shipping is $14.99 flat rate except for heavy or bulky items.

    We will contact you by phone for your payment information to complete the warranty process.

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