R&B Laundry Carts Set You Apart

According to the Coin Laundry Association, the number of coin laundries in the United States is approaching 30,000. New York alone accounts for nearly 22 percent of that total number. If you own or manage one or more of these facilities that’s a lot of competition!

In fact, IBIS World, the largest provider of industry information in the U.S., estimates that increased competition and a declining rental market in the country will spin the industry into a decline over the next five years as more consumers purchase personal laundry appliances for their homes.

In the face of all of these challenges, what do the people who run the most successful laundromat facilities do to ensure that they stand out and thrive when competition is tough? Here are five things they do to stand out.

1. They rely on R&B Wire’s superior reputation and workmanship to enhance their own reputations.

Savvy industry professionals know they can count on R&B Wire’s extensive line of laundry carts to provide rugged durability, outstanding versatility, and unparalleled workmanship. The international and domestic superstar 100E cart’s base is built with fully welded, 7/8-inch heavy steel tubing and is guaranteed for life against breakage.

If you have ever tried to navigate a rickety and loud, poorly maintained laundry cart around a facility, you know what a difference R&B’s strong and sturdy, smooth-rolling, whisper-quiet carts make. And every cart is backed by R&B’s "Satisfaction Guaranteed" policy. This is the backbone of the company and proof they place customers in the No. 1 priority slot.

2. Successful facilities deliver an experience that exceeds what their customers expect.

Tight competition has laundries offering a wide range of services and even luxury amenities to entice customers. Whether it’s drop-off and delivery services, granite folding surfaces, flat screen TVs, or massage chairs, customers expect to find what they need and want.

Facilities know customers like to save time and money by washing big loads of bedding and other oversized items in four or six-load machines. That’s when owners turn to R&B Wire’s mega-capacity “Big Dog” laundry cart. Able to hold five wash loads in its spacious 6-bushel interior, the 200H Big Dog is fully welded, heavy steel base comes in beige or chrome, and the generously sized basket is available in grey, blue, or chrome.

3. Profitable Laundromats pay sharp attention to detail to create a clean and safe environment.

Cleanliness is imperative when customers are counting on you to keep their families healthy and safe. A sparkling clean facility shows customers you care for their well-being. The always-innovating R&B created the first wire laundry carts with an antimicrobial powder-coated base, basket, and bumper that inhibit the growth of bacteria. These baskets provide an unprecedented level of cleanliness and safety for facilities’ employees and guests.

4. They protect their own equipment and safeguard the customer’s carts.

When you have got thousands of dollars invested in state-of-the-art equipment like high-speed, high-capacity washers and top-of-the line dryers, you can’t afford to take chances. Traditional wooden or metal rims on carts can dent your equipment, chip your paint, and put holes in your walls over time. Once again, the innovative engineers at R&B Wire solved the problem by developing a non-marking, air-cushion rubber bumper.

When customers take R&B laundry carts out to their cars, not only do they enjoy rugged durability and a smooth ride, if the cart should bump up against a vehicle, there are no damaging dings.

5. Marketing-smart facilities establish a brand that identifies them as a quality provider.

Customizing your laundry cart colors to match your store’s design scheme creates a unique brand that helps set you apart in your customer’s mind. You can choose a beige, grey, or chrome base, and then select a bright or neutral basket color that complements your own company logo. It is a great way to reinforce your identity to customers. R&B Wire’s colored bases and racks are powder-coated in a Duraguard finish for long-lasting, chip-proof resiliency.

People remember quality. Equipping your facility with R&B Wire’s laundry carts lets customers know that you value their comfort and their patronage, because you know they have choices.