Two Things That Make A Commercial Laundry Cart Stand Out

You know the frustration of grabbing a shopping cart at the grocery store and thinking to yourself: “Of course I get the bad one”? Maybe one uncooperative wheel does not turn in unison with the other three, and you keep skidding and stalling across the floor. Or perhaps one wheel is too eager to turn, and the racket from the frenetic swiveling garners you annoyed stares from the other harried shoppers.

Now imagine that you’re a facilities manager at a five-star luxury resort. You keep reading online reviews that say: “Gorgeous grounds, but the noise levels are off the charts!” Guests complain that they wake to the sounds of housekeeping staff transporting linens down the halls and across the parking lots. The rickety wire laundry carts with cheap wheels emit a serenity-destroying clankity clank that’s disruptive to the property’s upscale ambiance.

These examples illustrate one of the two major reasons why R&B Wire’s commercial laundry carts are the industry standard. They are chosen by facilities managers in a variety of settings more often than any other brand.

1) Excellent wheels and casters

The virtually maintenance-free 5-inch casters on the R&B linen carts feature an innovative design that blocks debris and prevents snagging. The sealed bearings resist lint, hair, and thread pickup. This both provides crucial stability in motion and minimizes the noise that might disturb guests, aka "wheel chatter".

R&B Wire's patented 5-inch "Clean Wheel System" casters are designed specifically for Laundromats, hotels, hospitals, and dry cleaning stores. Each 5-inch caster can safely bear up to 250 pounds of weight, giving the cart a 1,000-pound capacity. The evenly distributed load facilitates smooth rolling across floors. Because all R&B casters are non-marking, floors are protected from scuffs and scratches.

Whether it’s a 600-room luxury conference center that processes 7,500 pounds of linens per day or a six-room, family-run motel, R&B has a caster configuration that maximizes efficiency and enhances guest experience while containing costs and lowering worker stress:

  • Diamond caster pattern – great for transporting heavy loads over uneven surfaces. Perfect in settings that require frequent transitioning from smooth interior flooring to exterior surfaces like pavement, brick, or gravel.
  • Two rigid/two swivel caster pattern – best for use with large loads where control and maneuverability are paramount, such as when steering this heavy-duty 48 cu. ft. turnabout truck.
  • All-swivel caster pattern – ideal for navigating smaller loads in tight spaces including narrow hallways or elevators.

2) Superior wall protection and bumpers

More and more of us are using online peer reviews to help us select our accommodations, restaurants, and almost everything else we purchase today. Independent small business owners as well as international megaresorts know the devastating impact one-star reviews can have on an establishment’s success.

The need for superior attention to how a property looks is why facilities managers insist on the non-marking bumpers featured on R&B carts. Air-cushion bumpers offer a simple, cost-effective way to ensure that a property’s buildings and grounds reflect that same TLC and commitment to care travelers expect for their comfort and safety. In addition, a fully sewn, non-marking air-cushion bumper on the laundry truck’s top is a cost-effective solution for facilities managers who need to avoid the expensive repairs or replacements caused by staff mishaps.

Housekeeping laundry carts with 360-degree protective bumpers allow staff to work quickly to turn rooms over while also safeguarding a property’s interior surfaces and fine furnishings. Sanitation is another key consideration for mangers of day spas, athletic facilities, and health clubs:

  • Towels mop sweat off of faces, floors, and exercise equipment.
  • Clean towels are provided when guests shower, use steam rooms, and saunas.
  • Massage therapists furnish each guest with a fresh set of sheets and a robe.

Because 80 percent of all infectious diseases are initiated through physical contact with other people or contaminated items, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, antimicrobial liners in laundry trucks provide yet another way to safeguard the health of customers. In addition to the flame-retardant safety feature of the permanent liner, we carry the full line of R&B basket trucks with antimicrobial liners: “The most sanitary solution on the market.”

A non-marking bumper cart with an antimicrobial liner provides a two-fold solution for properties: They eliminate costly damage to walls and floors, safeguard the investment the facility has made in top-of-the-line equipment and furnishings, and protect customers who are at risk for contamination from bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

PWS Laundry is proud to offer the most extensive selection of commercial and industrial carts, trucks, and racks in the industry. We have a versatile R&B Wire laundry cart solution for every facility and need.