Versatile R&B Wire Carts for a Variety of Settings

If you've ever spent time in a commercial or coin laundromat, chances are great you've spent time with an R&B Wire product. The company's laundry carts dominate the industry. In fact, the 100E58 model with a double pole rack is the leader of the commercial laundry cart pack. The spacious 2.5-bushel capacity and wrinkle-free convenience are supported by over-sized casters to ensure a smooth-rolling ride, courtesy of R&B's patented Clean Wheel System.

No doubt you've also made the acquaintance of one of R&B Wire's front-loading carts with the angled basket. The protective air-cushion bumpers are a hit with facilities' managers that love the gentle way the carts treat their pricey equipment and walls.

But R&B Wire is more than just a pretty cart in your local coin-op laundromat. The company's product line is one of the most versatile and diverse in the industry, equipped to handle any unique commercial laundry need. Let's take a quick tour through some of the other places you're bound to bump into an R&B Wire laundry cart.

Medical Settings

Healthcare facilities bear a huge responsibility to protect their patients and staff. Nowhere are sanitation, efficiency, and safety more important. You'll find R&B Wire laundry carts of all shapes and sizes scooping up bedding, towels, and gowns around the clock and transporting them to on-site laundry rooms in:

  • Hospitals
  • Urgent care clinics
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living communities

For its largest clients - such as a 500-bed hospital that processes 7,500 pounds of linens per day - R&B Wire offers the 848 bulk transport truck. This 128-pound behemoth measures 48" x 29" x 68" and glides on heavy-duty, 6-inch casters. Add a cover, and housekeeping staff can load the truck full of soiled linen and roll it right past patients and visitors who never know what's inside.

On a smaller scale, don't be surprised to find an R&B Wire hamper in your family doctor's treatment rooms. The "Easy Access" bag is made from antimicrobial and flame-retardant material, making it ideal for your gown disposal.

Food Services

From intimate 5-star restaurants with cozy tables for two to indoor banquet facilities seating over 1,000 guests, R&B Wire has a laundry cart designed to serve. How many tablecloths and napkins do you think this 24-bushel truck can hold with its 625-pound capacity? Banquet managers love the flame-retardant, antimicrobial liner, strong tubular steel base, and 5-inch Clean Wheel casters. Property owners love the protective air cushion bumper around the rim.


Whether you stay at one of the economy motels alongside every interstate highway or a super-posh luxury villa in Aspen, you're bound to encounter an R&B Wire product making a housekeeper's life easier. This popular turnabout truck model can deliver clean linens to the rooms and then transform into a soiled linen bulk truck with a quick repositioning of the wire shelves. It's easy on the staffs' backs, requiring less bending. Two fixed and two swivel casters ensure smooth transport and stability, and the slender design is great in narrow hallways.

Day Spas

Holistic health practitioners love R&B Wire's recycled poly truck. Available in sizes from 6 to 20 bushels, this durable model is crafted from 30 percent pre-consumer recycled materials. The popular mid-sized, 10-bushel truck holds 225 pounds of massage table sheets and sauna towels.

Athletic Facilities

Fitness professionals appreciate the ergonomically designed, nearly indestructible 466PT poly truck with the raised platform that minimizes stooping over while loading or unloading materials. Janitorial staff values the 300G Deluxe Elevated Laundry Cart for its superior mobility and handy bottom shelf that holds cleaning supplies and tools. Cushion bumpers on the basket and base protect paint jobs and expensive athletic equipment from dings. Adding an antimicrobial, flame-retardant basket liner protects professional athletes and weekend warriors from the pathogens responsible for so many of the skin infections seen in gyms and health clubs.

Car Washes

Car wash industry professionals love the air-cushion bumpers on the R&B Wire towel carts that reduce liability claims and communicate attention to "detail" to customers. Two of the 350E's four casters are equipped with brakes, and the bottom utility shelf holds clean towels. Adding the 2260 accessory basket gives attendants quick access to their cleaning supplies.

PWS Laundry is proud to offer the most extensive selection of commercial and industrial carts, trucks, and racks in the industry. We've have a versatile R&B Wire laundry cart solution for every facility and need.