R&B Laundry Carts: The Industry Standard for Good Reason

100E58 model with a double pole rack boasts the most popular laundry cart configuration in the industry.

#1 Choice of Customers

Customers love the wrinkle-free convenience provided by the sturdy chrome plated pole racks. They can pull nearly dry shirts from the dryer, place them on hangers, and allow them to finish air-drying while they fold the remainder of the clothes. When customers are set to leave, the sturdy cart is easy to navigate to the door where shirts can transfer right into the car with no creasing in transit.

The double pole design and spacious 2.5-bushel capacity basket make the 100E58 an exceptional choice for high volume locations. R&B Wire's patented 5-inch "Clean Wheel System" casters are designed specifically for Laundromats and dry cleaning stores. The over-sized casters features a tapered polyurethane wheel that can handle a large weight capacity by distributing the load over the width of the wheel while reducing friction, so customers enjoy a smooth ride as they easily roll carts across the floor. The sealed bearings resist lint, hair and thread pickup. The proprietary thread guard deflects the debris from accumulating around the nut and bolt, making them virtually maintenance-free and long lasting.

The 100E58’s heavy-duty basket is constructed of 9- and 3-gauge wire and measures 27" L x 22 1/2" W x 11" D x 66” H. It features a gray, thick air-cushion protective bumper that safeguards the cart, your walls, and other commercial equipment from damage. The cart’s one-piece steel base is fully welded for maximum strength and longevity. The bright chrome finish is easy to clean with just a damp cloth, and the entire cart assembles in minutes. It’s clear why this model is so popular with commercial and private customers alike.

#1 Choice of Homeowners

The heavy-duty 100E58 consistently receives five-star reviews from private individuals who purchase it for home use. Our customers are consistently surprised by how well made the Laundromat-quality cart is, yet how little time and muscle it takes to them to assemble it. Our creative clients find multiple residential uses for this commercial laundry workhorse.

Homeowners are thrilled to discover that the tapered, non-marking polyurethane, or TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), wheels and large casters not only glide smoothly across rugs and carpets -- they leave no scuff trails on beautiful hardwood floors. People who tote their laundry outside to a garage really appreciate the cart’s smooth ride across pavement and uneven surfaces.

The extra large, deep basket can transport all the dirty laundry piled up on the bathroom floor in one trip, and once clean, delicate undergarments, dress shirts, and hard-to-dry winter jackets can be hung on the double pole bar to finish drying. The bolts that secure the hanging pole can be quickly removed to allow easy storage.

The protective rubber bumpers safeguard home furnishings (and cars for those doing the wash in that garage!), and most of our private clients are thrilled to purchase a rugged, commercial quality cart that they will never have to replace. “It lasts forever!”

Here are just a few of the benefits our private clients enjoy when using the 100E58 at home:

  • It’s very gentle on aging backs.
  • No more carrying heavy laundry baskets through the house.
  • The hanging rack makes emptying the dryer a snap.
  • It fits right under the opening of the washer and dryer.
  • It’s so rugged, even young kids can’t break this cart.
  • It’s so convenient, teenagers throw dirty clothes in the cart instead of on the bedroom floor.
  • It’s even useful for bringing groceries inside from the car!