What Makes A Commercial Laundry Cart Stand Out?

It’s a hard life for a commercial laundry cart. You spend your entire existence lugging around soaking wet clothing, getting shoved here and there. Teenagers treat you with rough disrespect, and small kids often mistake you for a pony. If you’re not tough enough to stand up to all of the abuse, you’ll find yourself breaking down in no time. Which is exactly why the majority of America's coin laundries, on-premise laundries, and commercial laundries use R&B laundry carts.

What sets a trusted and dependable commercial laundry cart apart from its unreliable peers?

1) The manufacturer must have years of experience and interaction with end users to understand their needs.

R&B Wire was founded in 1946 as America’s troops were returning home from World War II. R&B’s launch in California was well timed, taking advantage of the postwar economic boom and the birth of the Self Service Coin Laundry industry. The moment was ripe for the creation of the company’s first laundry cart. R&B’s manufacturing expertise and constant innovation have soldiered on ever since, with its laundry carts now found in over 20 countries.

2) The product should be made in the USA with strict quality guidelines.

R&B Wire headquarters is in Santa Ana, CA, and the company is run by three generations of proud Americans. R&B’s wire laundry carts have been the industry standard for more than 70 years, and the company’s stellar reputation for manufacturing excellence ensures that their products deliver years of trouble-free service. R&B promises, “Our products have the benefit of our experience behind every single one of them.”

3) The laundry cart has to be lightweight and easy to maneuver and sturdy and durable.

R&B’s cart bases are built with fully welded 7/8-inch heavy steel tubing and are guaranteed for life against breakage. The bright and rugged chrome-plated finish on the wire basket and base offers superior damage resistance.

4) The wheels must be solid and easy to replace.

All R&B laundry carts come equipped with the patented 5-inch Clean Wheel System casters, the first caster in the history of the industry to be specifically designed for laundries. R&B’s proprietary thread guard design has been rigorously tested to ensure that carts roll smoothly and easily and resist lint pickup. Tapered, non-marking polyurethane wheels reduce friction, and a heavy-duty yoke made from case-hardened steel with a sealed bearing provides maximum durability and performance while minimizing dirt contamination.

It’s easy to replace your casters with R&B's 5-inch or 4-inch casters for years of low-maintenance use.

5) Accessories are easy to replace and interchangeable.

Want to add a large-capacity basket to your existing laundry cart base? Go for R&B’s 6-bushel “Big Dog”. Looking to give customers a double pole to use on your standard or front-loading carts? No problem! Add an accessory basket, a support frame and cover, or an antimicrobial or nylon liner and/or cover with the click of a mouse.

6) The company must constantly evolve to meet the needs of the clients they serve.

As the industry leader in the laundry cart business, R&B's ongoing commitment to innovation and superior quality since 1946 has led to constant product improvements and new design developments. The upgrade to the patented "Clean Wheel System" casters on all laundry carts is a perfect example of the company’s commitment to product improvement.

Non-marking bumpers followed, and in July of this year, R&B unveiled their newest innovation: the first wire laundry carts with an antimicrobial powder-coated base, basket, and bumper that inhibits the growth of bacteria. These baskets provide an unprecedented level of cleanliness and safety for facilities’ employees and guests while helping properties meet strict health codes and regulations.

7) The company must stand behind every product they make – no exceptions.

R&B's "Satisfaction Guaranteed" policy is the backbone of the company and the proof that they place customers in the No. 1 priority slot. The company “will correct or replace any issues due to workmanship or quality -- period. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!”

After 70 years of industry leadership, R&B Wire continues to evolve and innovate, committed to better serving their peers and customers with the quality products and highest integrity that the R&B Wire name has become synonymous with.