Non-Marking Laundry Cart Bumpers: Loved By Facilities Managers

There is a Big Dog-sized cart full of reasons why facilities managers choose R&B Wire’s strong, durable, and rugged laundry carts. But one of the most important reasons involves gentleness. The non-marking bumpers featured on R&B carts treat the buildings and grounds that facilities managers maintain with TLC.

When overseeing the upkeep of their properties, directing staff, scheduling repairs and renovations, and ensuring safety, facilities managers often work with tight budgets. There is no room for custodial staff carelessness or housekeeping damage that results in costly repairs or replacements. For all of these reasons, decision makers in countless industries rely on non-marking bumpers to protect their properties. Let’s look at some of the most popular places in which you’ll find these essential products.

Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Daily mishaps are common in the hospitality industry. Laundry trucks often bang into walls, baseboards, and doorways. Getting in and out of elevators, navigating narrow hallways, and maneuvering carts around some of the loveliest guest room furniture, custom woodwork, and wall coverings known to travelers requires a laundry cart that safeguards all interior surfaces.  

Housekeeping laundry carts with protective bumpers allow staff to work as quickly as they need to when turning rooms over, while preventing costly repairs and protecting housekeeping equipment. The luxury hotel presents an impeccably well-maintained image to visitors, demonstrating the superior attention to detail that guests are paying for.

Hospitals and Clinics

Efficiency and safety are paramount in medical settings. Bedding linens and gowns are changed repeatedly each hour, and the housekeeping department is responsible for gathering up, transporting, and restocking a tremendous amount of clean laundry during every shift.

Heavy carts rolling through health care facility hallways at a fast clip must be cushioned with bumpers to protect not only the walls, but also the expensive medical equipment and the patients walking through those hallways. Air-cushion bumpers allow the housekeeping staff to get the job done with less stress and fewer pinched fingers, while the engineering department receives fewer calls about dinged walls and paint touch-ups.

Banquet and Conference Facilities

Watch a conference center’s employees break down a banquet room after a 2,000-person luncheon, and you’ll see how valuable large-capacity laundry carts are to this industry. Two thousand napkins and countless tablecloths are quickly tossed into carts that then transport the heavy loads to a centralized laundry room.

These heavy-duty laundry carts can carry up to 625 pounds of material and must hold up under repeated daily use. The sturdy casters and special air-cushion bumper around the rim keep the dining rooms and hallways safe from costly damage and aesthetic eyesores.

Spas and Retreat Centers

Massage therapists might see as many as a dozen guests in one day, and each guest requires a fresh set of top and bottom sheets, a pillowcase, and a blanket. Showers, steam rooms, and saunas provide guests with unlimited clean towels. This is another industry in which linens and towels are constantly shuffled back and forth. High-end furnishings and luxurious décor are commonplace, and cushioned bumpers are essential for preserving the blemish-free environment the clientele demands.

Gyms and Athletic Training Facilities 

Towels mop sweat off of faces, the floors, and the equipment between users. Towels dry athletes off after the workout. Non-marking bumper carts eliminate damage along walls, in doorways, and protect the costly investment the facility has made in top-of-the-line fitness equipment. Cleaning crews don’t have to deal with scuffed woodwork, scratched paint, or nicked upholstery.


Non-marking bumpers are mandatory in public Laundromats where guests (and overactive children) have no personal investment in being careful. Bumpers protect the walls and washing machines from damage, extend the life of the carts, and safeguard the facility owner’s precious investment.

At the Car Wash – Yeah!

Remember the song?

Well, those cars never seem to stop coming
(Work and work)
Keep those rags and machines humming
(Work and work)
My fingers to the bone

Visit a popular car wash on a Saturday afternoon and you’ll see workers moving fast. Each hand-dried car requires several towels, and the potential for a cart rolling into a car is huge. R&B’s Car Wash Towel Cart with an air-cushion bumper is not only efficient and professional – it’s a car wash owner’s insurance policy against paying for accidental vehicle damage.


The bumpers on the R&B Wire carts make a difference and are one of many reasons to use these durable and safe carts at your facility. Put a little extra TLC into your facilities management and select R&B Wire carts.