Keeping the Wheels of Modern Medical Care Turning

If you’ve ever spent any time in a hospital emergency room, a walk-in clinic, or a busy multiple physician private practice, you know that efficiency is paramount. Staff must assess and treat patients in a compassionate way while adhering to all safety protocols and ensuring that they make the most of every step and each minute.

A key tool utilized by staff in every type of medical care facility is the linen cart. The health care technicians and the housekeeping and janitorial staff all rely on hourly access to durable and functional linen carts to get the patient care job done fast, well, and safely. R&B Wire linen carts are one of the most poplar wire shelving products used in medical settings around the country.

The multiple beneficial features of these linen carts make them an indispensable component for all medical providers, integral to the delivery of safe, state-of-the-art health care.

Casters or Stationary

R&B Wire linen carts are available as freestanding, stationary units or on wheels. Although rigid, durable, and able to carry a heavy load, these portable cupboards on wheels are light enough for staff to easily maneuver across floors, providing stability in motion.

Carts with casters allow greater flexibility. Each 5-inch caster can safely bear up to 250 pounds of weight, giving the entire unit a 1,000-pound capacity. Carts roll smoothly and can swivel quickly into position, putting them within immediate reach. Engaging the two locking casters positions the cart securely in one place.

Covered or Open

Open carts allow clear visibility and quick, easy access to the linens on each shelf from all sides of the cart. This is crucial in settings that require a fast turnaround time.

Carts used in conjunction with a rugged, flame retardant, 200 denier urethane-coated nylon cover provide maximum protection to clean laundry and garments during transport, safeguarding them from air-borne contaminants, water, and dust. Velcro closures provide additional security and easy accessibility to contents while allowing the cart to function as a temporary storage unit when necessary.

The nylon covers are washable, available in a variety of color choices, and meet strict standards for public health protection, thanks to the NSF certification. This designation from one of today’s most respected independent product testing organizations guarantees that the linens used in medical settings are clean, dry, and protected from spatter and bacteria.

Large Weight Capacity

R&B Wire linen carts are incredibly strong. Each shelf can hold up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight and is fortified underneath by a full-length center support.

The bright and shiny chrome plated shelves can be moved up or down in one-inch increments, providing space to accommodate thicker linens, such as blankets, towels, and bed pads. The narrower shelf is useful for smaller and thinner items, including patient gowns, pillowcases, sheets, and hand towels. In larger health care facilities, staff may use a standard configuration on the shelves to keep items consistently stored in the same location, allowing quick and efficient access in emergent situations.

Efficient and Flexible

These versatile units are ideal for collecting and transporting soiled laundry and distributing fresh linens. The generous and customizable space minimizes trips to the laundry room. Some R&B Wire linen carts are equipped with a 24-inch handle for added maneuverability, while others offer a solid bottom shelf on which to store items that require a bit more stability.

These indispensable, easy-to-clean, medical linen carts provide safety and mobility in all health care settings while offering staff the generous storage space they require to function at their best each day.

One final key feature - R&B Wire medical linen carts are easy to assemble without tools. They can be up and running, getting the job done in minutes.