Providing a Clean and Warm Welcome in the Hospitality Industry

Much like R&B Wire linen carts are integral to the efficientcy and safety that we depend on in medical care settings, these humble workhorses are a staple of the hospitality industry. Diners, budget travelers, and luxury resort guests all rely on these indispensable tools to ensure that a special meal or a dream vacation is first class and sanitary.

Ensuring Food Safety in Dining Establishments

The Food and Drug Administration has avery strict guidelines that govern eating establishments. Specific codes regulare the laundrering of linese that are used  in kitchen food preparation and dining room guest use. Regulations stipulate the methods and frequency of laundering, along with drying procedures and storage prohibitions.

A kitchen staff will go through numerous towels and aprons in one shift, and these must all be clean and free of germs. Likewise, the guest napkins and table linens must be changed with each new seating. Stationary, freestanding R&B Wire linen racks are durable enough to hold up to 500 pounds of evenly distributied weight, thanks to fortification from the full-length center support underneath each shelf. These chrome storage racks with a space-saving design can be piled high with enough front- and back-of-the-house linens to carry staff through even the busiest season.

For safeguarding linens that are located close to food prep areas, washable nylong covers provide a solution for keeping fabrics contamination-free. The NSF certification signifies that these covers meet strict standards for public health protection, ensuring that the linens used in food prep and table service are clean, dry, and protected against germs.

Providing a Luxury Experience for Hotel and Resort Guests

The housekeeping department is the backbone of every successful hotel and luxury resort. Lodging profits rely on an efficient and timely turnover of rooms, while guest health and enjoyment require that the rooms are sanitary. 

The versatile linen carts are idea for transporting fresh linens from the laundry room to the housekeeping carts. The bright, easy-to-clean, chrome plated shelves can be adjusted in one-inch increments. Staff can store thick linens, such as blankets, towels, and bed pads, on wide shelves, reserving the smaller spaces for pillowcases, sheets, and washcloths. This minimizes trips to the laundry room. Some R&B Wire linen carts feature a 24-inch handle for added maneuverability, and others provide a solid bottom shelf on which cleaning supplies or guest room amenities can be transported.

Hotel linen carts can be used in conjunction with a rugged, flame retardant, 200 denier urethane coated nylon cover to provide maximum protection to clean laundry, shielding it from air-borne contaminants, water, and dust. Velcro closures offer additional security and turn the cart into a makeshift storage unit, keeping fresh linen discreet and protected.

Clean Wheel Casters for Superior Mobility

The 5-inch casters on the R&B linen carts are virtually maintenance free. The innovative design blocks debris such as thread and lint, keeping the greasy ball bearings free from snags. This minimizes noise that might disturb guests and provides stability in motion. Each 5-inch caster can safely bear up to 250 pounds of weight, giving the entire unit a 1,000-pound capacity. Carts can quickly swivel into position, putting supplies within immediate reach. Two locking casters allow staff to securely position the cart in place while they work, enhancing efficiency and making the cleaning of guest rooms organized and punctual.

These open wire carts allow clear visiblity and quick, easy access to the linens on each shelf from all sides of the cart. This is crucial in an industry that requires a fast turnaround time every day of the week. In addition to all of these timesaving advantages, R&B Wire linen carts take only minutes to assemble--just another reason why they are the hospitality industry linen cart leader.