A Versatile and Essential Product for Personal and Professional

Just how versatile and, well – utilitarian -- are the R&B utility carts? Let us count the ways. The multitude of creative uses for these functional carts is limited only by your imagination, so we’ll plant some seeds of inspiration to help you get rolling.

Super Handy Standard Utility Cart

Give this multi-purpose utility cart to your multi-talented do-it-yourselfer and watch how quickly the home and garden tools get busy. Store the cart in the garage when not in use to keep supplies within easy reach for the next job on the Honey Do list. The durable cart features 7/8-inch round steel tubing and a removable top basket that makes transporting tall items a breeze.

The aspiring artist or craftsperson can load this cart with paints, clay, brushes, and other creative implements and effortlessly move it around the studio, thanks to the four heavy-duty 5-inch casters that facilitate smooth gliding, even on a rug.

Perfect for food service settings, fill the two 25-pound baskets with dry goods from the pantry or perishables from the walk-in and deliver to the prep station and hot line. The chrome wire cart is easy to wipe clean in seconds and the great ventilation allows unimpeded airflow.

Charitable volunteer organizations will find plenty of applications for the standard utility cart:

  • Use in food pantries to replenish shelves and transport donation boxes.
  • Community kitchens find it useful for food preparation tasks and “meals on wheels” delivery staging.
  • Animal shelter workers save steps by refilling food, water, and litter directly from supplies stocked in the baskets.
  • Thrift stores restock new inventory quickly, moving items from the sorting room in back to the retail area in front.

Professional offices find multiple uses for the cart, including mailroom tasks and supply dispersing. Load it up with reams of paper for quick restocking of the copy room. The 36-inch height makes the cart comfortable to operate, and the space-saving foldable feature allows for convenient out-of-view storage when not in use.

Double Duty Deluxe Utility Cart

The built-in hanging file frame in the top basket of this deluxe utility cart holds legal-size hanging folders, making it ideal for use in law offices and medical settings. Pick up and deliver mail and files, and use the roomy bottom basket that measures 29.5 x 16 x 10 inches to transport bulky packages or large binders and ledgers. The rugged, chrome-plated tubular steel frame and heavy-duty welded steel baskets can handle the load.

The oversized 8-inch wheels on the back of this mobile file cart roll smoothly over rough and uneven surfaces, and the 4-inch swivel casters on the front ensure precise navigation. Use this cart as an easy-to-access storage cabinet when you’re working on a project that requires at-your-fingertips materials. You'll save yourself numerous trips to the filing cabinets.

Large Capacity Workhorse Utility Cart

This heavy-duty mobility cart resists corrosion, allows clear visibility of contents, and prevents the build up of dust and dirt. Put this beast of burden to work for:

  • Transporting materials in warehouses
  • Moving chemicals and equipment in laboratories
  • Holding parts and tools in automotive shops
  • Storing paints and solvents for building maintenance
  • Carrying janitorial cleaning supplies in hospitals
  • Stocking hospitality and food service pantries and coolers