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Is the door closed tightly or the lid down completely?

Make sure you've closed the loading door all the way or the lid is completely closed.

Is the dispenser door closed?

Make sure the door is closed or inserted completely.

Is the load too small?

If the load is too small, the machine may not spin. Add additional clothes to balance out the load and try again.

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Lid Switch (Top Loaders)

The lid switch senses when the lid is closed, and allows the washer to agitate or spin.

Important: This should only be performed by a qualified person. Remove power from the appliance before performing any test.

Remove the washer cabinet or top panel to allow access to the lid switch. Disconnect the wires to the lid switch, making sure to note where to reconnect them. Using a ohmmeter, verify that there is continuity across the lid switch when the lid is closed, and that the switch opens when the lid is open. If the switch does not perform this test properly, replace it.

Door Lock (Front Loaders)

Important: Unplug the washer from its power source before starting any inspection or repair work.

Front load washers have a door lock to keep the door closed during the spin cycle. If the door is closed, but the machine won't spin, it could be a probelm with the door lock. Within the lock is a switch that signals the washer to proceed with the spin cycle. If the door is shut but the machine won't move on to the spin, it's possibly a problem with the locking mechanism or switch.

To test, use a multimeter on the switch to check for continuity. If defective, you'll need to replace the part.

Door Lock Motor and Switch Assembly (Front Loaders)

The door lock might be working fine, but the motor or switch might be faulty. Test any switches for continuity, and if one shows an open circuit, replace it.

Drive Belt

A broken or loose drive belt can cause your washer to not spin. Check the belt, as it could be worn out. When it's not tight against the pulleys, the washer won't operate properly.

Note: The information here is general and may not be specific to your machine. If you need help with choosing the correct parts for your model, you can contact us using the tech support form or calling our parts support team at 1-323-490-1805. If you leave a message, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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