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Is the exhaust vent blocked?

Good air flow is important for the dryer to work correctly. Make sure the vents are clear of debris such as lint, so that the exhaust can exit freely. Poor ventilation will increase the necessary drying time considerably.

Is the dryer set to "no heat"?

If using a no heat setting, drying will take longer to complete.

Door Switch

Important: Unplug the dryer from its power source before starting any inspection or repair work.

The door switch prevents the dryer from running with the door open, so if the dryer run with an open door, it's likely this is the cause.

Cycling Thermostat

The cycling thermostat cycles the heat on and off to maintain the proper temperature inside, and it advances your dryer timer when the cycle is set to automatic. If the dryer won't stop, it's possible the cycling thermostat is defective and cycling off the heat too early. And then this causes the dryer to keep running as it senses the clothes aren't dry yet.


Besides counting down the dry time, the timer controls the dryer motor and heat circuit. So if the timer is defective, it might not have a good contact to the motor or heat to shut either one off. The timer should be tested for continuity with a multimeter, and replaced if found to be faulty.

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