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Are there any foreign objects in the dryer, such as coins or toys?

When loading your dryer, be careful not to include such items.

Is the dryer level? Is anything leaning on the machine?

If the dryer isn't level, the tumbling action can produce vibrations, making for a noisy dryer. Objects leaning on the dryer can also cause this. Make sure the dryer is level and nothing is resting on it.

Have you checked for loose screws?

Loose screws can cause a squeaking sounds. Tighten them.

Are these noises part of normal operation?

Your dryer won't be completely silent. There will be the humming sound of the exhaust system, the timer ticking down, the drum rotating, and the clicking of the heating element cycling on and off. These are normal. Zipper and buttons on your clothes can also be noisemakers during the dry cycle.

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Dryer Belt

Important: Unplug the dryer from its power source before starting any inspection or repair work.

The dryer's drum is rotating by a belt, and over time, the belt can become hard and brittle, and pieces of it can start to come apart. When this happens, the rotation can make the belt thump against the dryer cabinet.

You can inspect the belt by removing the front and/or top panel of your dryer. If the belt looks worn or broken, replacing it should fix the noise problem.

Idler Pulley

The idler pulley is the part that keeps the tension on the drive belt. It keeps the belt from sliding the motor and drum. It's usually the part that gets adjusted when the belt needs adjusting or replacement.

This pulley rotates very fast during operation, so it can get worn down before other parts. As it wears, friction increases, and this can cause a squeaking sound.

The idler pulley is found near the drive motor, at the bottom of the dryer. You'll need to remove the front panel and/or the front access panel to access it. Remove the belt and turn the idler pulley. It should rotate freely. If it doesn't, or if there are signs of damage, replace the part.

Drum Rollers

Another commonly worn part is the drum roller. This part supports the drum and over will wear out. When one or more rollers are worn, the drum won't turn as freely, and the increased friction can make a squeaking or squealing sound.

To inspect the rollers, the drum will have to be removed. If any of the rollers are worn, it's best to replace the whole set at once.

Blower Wheel

The blower wheel is a plastic part that draws air from the heating chamber to the drum and exhaust. It's attached to the motor, and normal wear will loosen it. If it's not securely attached, noise is generated by the wobbling part as it turns during operation.

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