Hi, my name is Ruben Garcia. I am the parts manager for Alliance Direct Distribution in the West. We have some parts tips for you today.

First, we're going to start off with the 207 217 P pump, which is your regular top loader pump. However, we also have some other options available for you that we're going to show.

One option is the rb150002, which comes with the 205 217p and is provided with a 37 820 belt. Another option is the rb15003, which also comes with the 205 217 and the 38 174 belt is provided in these kits.

The last option that we have is the 205 218p. This is a heavy-duty pump with a higher-diameter impeller inside of it. It is designed to pass heavier items like coins or caps and can help with leakages. We suggest this option for remote areas or any place where you're experiencing high volumes of leakages with the 205 217.

Okay, those are your tips of the day, and we hope to see you soon.

Let us know if we can help with those steps for future videos.

205217P Washer Pump: Link to item

RB150002 Washer Pump 205217P and 37820 Belt Kit: Link to item

RB150003 Washer Pump 205217P and 38174 Belt Kit: Link to item

205218P Heavy Duty Washer Pump: Link to item